• Remote Control

    GRN can give you remote support to your desktop. When you have a problem, call our technicians, they can connect to your computer to help you solve it.

    If you agree to this type of technical support and you are requested to take remote control of your computer, click the icon or remote control here, download the program, run it and confirm the questions that make up the selection of the technician you are taking with.

    This remote control can be used only when the client gives access running that program, once the support session have disconnected we aren’t able to access your computer without your permission.


  • GRN provides you with some tools that are very useful in diagnosing problems with your connection.

    In order to test the speed of your connection you can use this tool provided by GRN.
    This tool informs you about your current IP address. If you have a dynamic IP address, this tool helps you to know your IP address after every change.

  • E-mail configuration in an iPhone
    E-mail configuration in an Android
    Apple Mail configuration
    Thunderbird configuration of the “leave mail copy in the server” option
    Outlook configuration of the “leave mail copy in the server” option

    • The Grandstream GXP1610/1625/1628 are IP phones that allow multiple SIP accounts, with two-color LED line buttons, 132/48 pixels LCD display, multi-language support, programmable XML buttons, network ports with PoE and conference, HD audio broadband to full duplex, hands-free, etc.

      Download the manual here


    • The Grandstream GXP2130 / 2140/2160 are color-coded phones, XML programmable keys, Gigabit network ports, integrated PoE, voice conferencing and Electronic Hook Switch (EHS). These models offer good quality audio and speakerphone, with personalized information, advanced security protection for more privacy and with the ability to communicate with most SIP / NGN / IMS devices.

      Download manual here

      Manual Bluetooth phones Grandstream GXP2130, GXP2140 i GXP2160


      Download manual here

    • The Gigaset R630H PRO is a robust, shock-resistant, waterproof and compatible phone with current phone models. This terminal has an integrated upgrade of the new CAT-iq 2.0 platform. The R350H has compatibility with N510 IP PRO unicell and N720 IP PRO, HD audio, HD voice, PIN lock protected (optional) and telephone line lock.

      Download manual here