Mobile Operator

GRN add mobile phone service to meet the needs of those customers who require a integrated communication service. GRN offer short-term contracts and different rates.

GRN is a business operator so GRN take mobile phone service as a specific service that’s why GRN doesn’t give mobile phones devices or points, GRN only provide SIM cards to offer this service and mobile data connection without incidental charges.

There are some of the mobile phone rates:

ServiceIncluded minutsIncluded GBRate
GRN basic– *1.99€
GRN 100100– *3.00€
GRN 200200– *5.00€
GRN 100+1GB1001GB6.90€
GRN 100+3GB1003GB8.90€
GRN 200+1GB2001GB8.90€
GRN 200+3GB2003GB10.90€
GRN PROUnlimited **– *9.90€
GRN PRO 3GB ***Unlimited **3GB11.70€
GRN PRO 6GB ***Unlimited **6GB15.70€
GRN PRO 15GB ***Unlimited **15GB19.90€
GRN PRO 20GB ***Unlimited **20GB21.90€
GRN multi SIM3.63€
You need to add taxes to these prices
No bonus calls -> 0.20€ establishment rate and 0.05€/minute
Bonus exceeded > data connection decrease to 16Kbps and get a 1GB extra
* Data connection 0.0099€/MB
** 3000 minutes included to national fixed and mobile numbers, 150 destinations and 400 minutes/day
*** Special offer: triple GB until 31/12/2019

The services we offer allow you to extend the rate at any time.

Ask for information at or call to 972 23 00 00