We are Arduino distributors

Our interest in technology in general has led us to offer an online store with a selection of the products we use for our own electronic projects, following the maker philosophy a bit. In this linewe have become distributors of Arduino, the open source hardware platform best known at the time. You can find this products and some accessories at the Arduino section of our online store.

GRN sponsorizes a Trailwalker IO team

The team, called Km GRN, will participate in the 2013 edition of the Trailwalker Intermon Oxfam that will happen during the 20 and 21 April. You can follow the evolution of the team through his blog and the progress of donations in the team page. Dare to make a donation to any of the Trailwalker teams, is for […]

GRN and Adamo deploy a Fiber Optic network in Girona

In early 2014 Adamo begins to deploy a fiber optic network in the city of Girona with the aim of providing coverage to homes and businesses with speeds up to 1000Mbps. As Adamo announces on his blog in April 2014 comes into operation the fiber optic network of Girona. Adamo connects to a fiber optic ring the city of […]

Arduino and the opensource movement

When we talk about OpenHardware we are talking about all this devices whose specifications, schmatics and internal characteristics are known by its comunity of users. We apply the same filosophy of OpenSource to the world of electronics. We have to remember that open is not the same as free. One of the first OpenHardware platforms and, […]